Dr Jonathan Ben-Artzi
Head of Group
Senior Lecturer
Baptiste Morisse

Dr Baptiste Morisse

Research Associate

Dr Junyong Zhang

Marie Curie Fellow

Research Associate

Position to be advertised

PhD Students

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Name Institution Visit Dates
Prof. Isabelle Gallagher Paris Diderot May 2018
Dr Francesco Fanelli Lyon 16-18 April 2018
Dr Julien Barré Orléans 9-12 April 2018
Dr Amit Einav TU Vienna 5-10 March 2018
Dr Jiqiang Zheng Nice 14-20 January 2018
Dr Benjamin Texier Paris Diderot 2-4 December 2017
Dr Junyong Zhang Beijing Institute of Technology 1 June – 2 July 2017
Dr Amit Einav TU Vienna 19-23 February 2017






Other Affiliated Researchers and Collaborators

Prof. Alexander Balinsky, Cardiff University, UK.
Dr Suresh Eswarathasan
, Cardiff University, UK.
Dr Anders Hansen
, University of Cambridge, UK.
Dr Thomas Holding, University of Warwick, UK.
Prof. Marco Marletta, Cardiff University, UK.
Prof. Clément Mouhot, University of Cambridge, UK.
Prof. Olavi Nevanlinna, Aalto University, Finland.
Prof. Stephen Pankavich, Colorado School of Mines, USA.
Prof. Markus Seidel, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany.